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The Shutting Door Timothy Gager

The Shutting Door

Timothy Gager

Kindle Edition
104 pages
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 About the Book 

Timothy Gager is a genius of the quotidian, keenly observing the details of our lives and rendering them so that we can hear the deep pulse of our identities, of our pure being, within them. The Shutting Door is a ravishing, wonderful, enlightening book.Robert Olen Butler, Pulitzer Prize Winner, Author of 18 books.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“The Shutting Door” is the first full length book of poetry in nine years from the prolific writer Timothy Gager. I read these poems, constantly sucked in, pulled beneath the surface by the accessible complexity, the swirling eddy’s of darkness, shockingly abrupt intercuttings of profane and sacred, surprised by the streaks of tenderness… and thought , who am I to write anything about a poet who, like his wolves, howls at the sun because the moon has yet to hear, who is an acute observer of the way things completely breakdown. And then I realized that in many of these poems Tim has done something remarkable and worth shouting about: he has rescued irony from the terrible detachment of the hip and the surface slickness of the cool. Rooting irony in the power of attachment, in gut felt emotion, connection and immersion, he has once again made it revelatory and profound. There is much more to be found in this collection but for that alone , hats off and shouts of joy to Tim Gager.Michael Ansara, co-founder Mass Poetry----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------In The Shutting Door, Gager studies the crisp space between lifes summation and the gathering of what harvest may wait for us as we work at a more genuine quality of being. In a world of social media he shows himself brave and committed to truth, but not without humor. This is a delightful new work from a poet who consistently shows that he believes in what connects us and makes us huAfaa M. Weaver, “The Government of Nature”and thirteen other books--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Worldly, witty, and often satirical, these poems also have a tender side, a feeling of loss and longing, a sense of thwarted hopes and dreams. It is as if the poet has glimpsed something wondrous and maybe all-important just beyond a door that is closing. What did he see in there? Was it his beloved, or the remnants of love grown cold? Was it the hem of God, or the remnants of a faith no longer held? Was it a little bit of truth and beauty mixed together, or was it the death of either, or both? Questions on this order are at the heart of these poems, and the glimpses of the answers are real enough to help us keep going.Fred Marchant, author of The Looking House---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The Shutting Door is gritty, captivating book that immediately pull you in and doesnt let go. Tim Gager writes through the lens of a damaged angel, someone who has seen forgiveness from all sides. The result is wondrously eloquent, giving us these beautiful, dangerous, arresting poems about what it means to be human. Gager’s poems “never stop trying to fly--January Gill ONeil, author of Underlife, Executive Director of Mass Poetry Festival--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The Shutting Door is unflinchingly honest and deeply personal, with a gentle sense of melancholy offset by the occasional touch of gallows humor. These poems shift effortlessly from meditations on nature, tales of love found and love lost, and astute observations on the human condition. Timothy Gager mines gems of truth from the plain soil of ordinary life.--Charles Coe, author of All Sins Forgiven: Poems for My Parents