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Everything God George Green

Everything God

George Green

Kindle Edition
117 pages
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 About the Book 

Where did God come from?How does God not have a beginning?Everything God uses the notion of unanswerable questions to reveal the God is-ness of God and how it shaped the reality in which we live. From this unique perspective, Gods reason for our reality and His purpose for creation are explained. In Everything God, the reader is able to witness Gods presence and control throughout mankinds history. Everything God provides insight into Gods desire, what it reveals about Gods divine purpose, and the nature of mankind. Everything God is a front row seat from which the reader witnesses Gods perfect execution of His plan to reclaim His prize creation and to restore it to its divine purpose. Everything God offers this while being educational, inspirational, and devotional.Through a unique and revolutionary perspective, Everything God presents God as the reason for everything in a way that awes the reader with Gods existence, humbles the reader with Gods Creation, and challenges the reader with Gods divine purpose.